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Terms and Conditions

Disclaimer:  The staff of Process Service Network are not attorneys, nor is our organization a law firm. The information provided on this website does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice. Rather, all information, content, and materials available on this site are for general informational purposes only.  Information on this website may not constitute the most up-to-date legal or other information. 


The following Terms and Conditions apply to all assignments made to Process Service Network:

1. Guaranteed Service

a. Guaranteed service means we will serve the documents at the address provided, if service is legally possible at the time the attempts are made.
b. Guarantee does not apply to investigations, out-of-area process service, small claims cases, documents with specific court dates, or international service of process due to circumstances that may occur beyond our control, or in certain nations where we cannot be responsible for such circumstances.

2. Time Frame

a. Dated documents may require a re-set of the court date if unable to serve on time.

b. Service outside the U.S. is often slow and cumbersome; we cannot guarantee the stated time frames on this website since they are based on prior experience and circumstances. Time frames described on our country specific pages are estimates, only.

c. Additional charge will apply for additional addresses and attempts on dated documents after re-set.

d. Expedited service is available for informal service. Fees are quoted on each country page.

e. International service assignments are forwarded to the appropriate foreign agent, or Central Authority, via U.S. Postal Service Global Priority Mail. Clients have the option to request that Federal Express, or other appropriate courier service, be used to forward the assignment. The fee for such courier is a minimum of $150.00, payable in advance.

3. Payments and Fees

a. All fees are due and payable upon demand.
b. Services will not be completed until all fees are paid; fee obligation shall remain in effect even though payment has not been made.
c. Our fees cover all known governmental fees in foreign nations and our fee to handle the service; in rare cases, extra charges may apply to cover governmental agency fees and such known fees are posted on this website.
d. In the event that a law firm arranges for service but has payment made by any third party, including plaintiff/petitioner or insurance company, and payment is not made by such third party, the law firm making the assignemnt shall become responsible for the payment.
e. Fees imposed by foreign nations after the submission of an assignment are the responsibility of the party/client requesting service.
f. There is an Embassy fee of $2275.00 per defendant on all Letters Rogatory assignments which originate within a U.S. court.
g. Like all process servers, we charge for each address attempted.
h. Cashier’s Checks for Letters Rogatory or governmental fees which are made payable to a U.S. Embassy or a foreign government must not be issued by a bank which has an expiration date on the check. We recommend Wells Fargo Bank. We can obtain a proper cashier’s check on your behalf.
i. Services which are rejected by foreign courts (issues beyond our control) are subject to a re-service fee (at a reduced rate).
j. Disputed credit card charges: Clients who dispute a credit card charge, without a legitimate basis, do so at the risk of commiting fraud and should consult with an attorney prior to disputing any charges. We reserve the right to prosecute any fraudulent credit card disputes, both civilly and criminally, as the circumstances may dictate.
k. Accounts that are not paid by the established deadlines are subject to civil action to collect the amount due, plus costs, and attorney’s fees (if applicable).
l. Assignments made to us are considered a “written contract” and any dispute is considered to be based upon a written contract and is therefore subject to attorney fees and costs.

4. Refunds

a. No refunds will be made after institution or commencement of any assignment, for any reason.
b. Financial obligation is not relieved due to non-payment and non-payment cannot be construed as a waiver of contract, or cancellation of services, for assignments made to our firm. In other words, if you give us the assignment you must pay for it and no refunds will be given once the assignment is made – no exceptions.

5. Special Affidavits

a. If a special affidavit of service is required, please provide a sample format along with the service assignment. If no such sample is provided, in advance, we will automatically provide an all-purpose affidavit which is acceptable in most jurisdictions. If the affidavit must be changed, after signed and provided to you, there will be an additional charge of $125.00.

6. Disclaimer

a. No legal advice is intended nor provided by any statements on any page of this website.
b. We are not responsible for changes in laws or practices in any country and the subsequent statements made on our web pages.
c. Although we attempt to maintain current information at all times, all information contained herein is subject to change without notice.
d. By assigning a service to PSN, client gives permission to PSN to sign their name on the Request for Service Abroad, the transmittal form used to request service pursuant to the Hague Service Convention. No other permissions are given.
e. Accounts that are not paid by the established deadlines are subject to civil action to collect the amount due, plus costs, and attorney’s fees (if applicable).
f. The court of jurisdiction shall be Los Angeles County, California.
g. By assigning a service assignment to us, you agree to all terms and conditions stated herein.
h. You (client) agree to hold harmless Process Service Network, LLC, (PSN), it’s principals, employees, agents, and/or representatives as a result of any circumstances related to any assignment made to PSN.