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Nelson Tucker

CEO & Founder

In addition to founding this company, Nelson Tucker, process server, is also attributed with the following:

  • He invented modern methods of process serving (really)!
  • Has trained more Process Servers than anyone in history!
  • Has authored 4 books on service of process and #1 seller in U.S.
  • Will get your documents served efficiently and timely with no excuses!
  • Is an International Circle Member of the Los Angeles World Affairs Council
  • He served as International President of Kiwanis International in 2006-07
  • Is an Associate Member of the American Bar Association (ABA)
  • Is a Member of the California Laywers Association
  • Is a member of the Private International Law Coordinating Committee; U.N. and International Institutions Coordinating Committee
  • Is a member of the Ventura County Bar Association
  • Is a member of the Los Angeles County Bar Association – Member of Section on International Law; Member of Section on Business and Corporations
  • Is a member of the Rand Corporation– Rand Policy Circle (International Affairs)
  • Is a former United Nations Representative (NGO)

Just some of our notable clients include:

Attorney Generals

California, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Washington, Missouri, Tennessee

State agencies

Tennessee Department of Children’s Services, South Carolina Department of Children’s Services

U.S. Government agencies

Securities & Exchange Commission; United States Attorney General; Department of Commerce

Major law firms

Big tobacco cases, 9/11 cases, products liability, intellectual property, copyright infringement, BP Oil Spill

  • Some of the parties we have personally served: Celebrities, Heads of State, Terrorist Groups & Leaders
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  • Published Articles:


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About the Company

In 1978, Process Service Network was founded as a process serving company in the Los Angeles area. The company offered low rates and word-of-mouth helped to build it into a leader in the industry within 3 short years.

Later, a subsidiary was formed to handle service of process worldwide. The newly-formed company, Process Service Network, LLC was able to accommodate service requests in the far reaches of the globe. Today, Process Service Network is considered a leader in international service of process and investigations.

Today, the primary goal of the company is to provide reasonable rates and services handled properly from the beginning of the assignment.

Nelson Tucker, Founder, previously taught Service of Process and Court Filing Procedures at Los Angeles Valley College. He regularly trains new process servers and investigators for other companies and has trained over 1800 individuals throughout North America. He is a Lifetime member of the National Association of Investigative Specialists and a member of the International Association of Process Servers. Nelson is a member of the Advisory Board of the National Professional Process Server Network and is Director of Educational Services – Software Review. He is qualified as an Expert Witness on matters of service of process and is registered with Technical Advisory Service of Attorneys (TASA).

He is an International Circle Member of the Los Angeles World Affairs Council, as well as an Associate Member of the American Bar Association (ABA), the San Fernando Valley Bar Association, the Beverly Hills Bar Association and the Los Angeles County Bar Association.

Nelson was named a California 2003 Businessman of the Year. He is a member of the Business Advisory Council and is a consultant to the Congressional Sub-Committee on Small Business.

He volunteers his time and abilities to charity through Kiwanis International, a global organization of volunteers dedicated to changing the world, one child and one community at a time. He is a Past President of the worldwide organization.

Enough about his qualifications. What is important is that he has personally visited over 80 countries and served documents in 41 nations. He understands the laws and the cultures in all nations. No excuses – just results!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here is a list of frequently asked questions, along with some tips and tricks that we have found useful.

  • How do I get documents to you for service?
  • Where can I find information about service in various states?
  • Why doesn’t my own process server have connections in your area?
  • Who is Process Service Network?
  • What is the normal turn-around time for completing service?
  • When is the best time to reach you by telephone?
  • Are your rates competitive? (You bet!)


How do I get documents to you for service?
You may send documents to us by several methods:

A. MAIL documents to:

Process Service Network

27201 Tourney Road, Suite 223

Valencia, CA 91355

B. E-mail documents to:

NOTE: Out-of-state assignments must be paid in advance unless an account has been previously established. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Venmo and American Express, plus PayPal.

Where can I find information about service in various states?

From us, of course! We have trained over 1,800 Process Servers in every state. We regularly receive up-dates on the latest changes in laws related to service of process in all 50 states and 91 countries worldwide.

By the way, the Founder of the company has written 4 books on process serving and has personally trained over 1800 process servers and private investigators nationwide. He currently teaches a college course on Service of Process & Court Filing Procedures.

Why doesn’t my local process server have connections in your area?

Most Process Servers are busy handling the work in their own area. We have made it easy to get papers served ANYWHERE by developing a network of process servers throughout the world. All you do is send your documents to us and we’ll take care of everything! You can call us toll-free at (800)417-7623.

Who is Process Service Network?

Process Service Network is the world’s premier international service of process company specializing in creative methods to serve overseas defendants and hard-to-serve cases. We have affiliates in virtually every foreign nation. See our page on International Service at https://www.processnet1.com/countries_we_serve.
Nelson Tucker started the company in 1978 with a focus on Southern California. Soon after, attorneys requested service in other areas of the state and throughout the United States. Later, a network of private process servers was formed to handle service of process throughout North America.

Today, service can be completed anywhere in the world! Process Service Network has developed a reliable network of experienced and professional private process servers who offer their services at reduced rates. Just one call to Process Service Network will result in service anywhere!

What is the normal turnaround time for completing service?

As soon as possible! The only delay will be the availability of the defendant. All domestic services are attempted in no more than 48 hours from date of receipt. There is no way to predict the exact time a defendant will be served but we make every effort to complete it as soon as possible. The process servers have an incentive since they do not get paid until the documents are served! For International Service, our typical turnaround time is 2-3 weeks, in most cases. See specific country timelines at www.processnet1.com/countries_we_serve.htm

When is the best time to reach you by telephone?

Our regular business hours are 8:30AM to 4:00PM (Pacific time) Monday – Friday. Our phones are answered by a real person during business hours and we have a message center after hours. Of course, our phone number is toll-free (800)417-7623.

Are your rates competitive?

You bet! Check around and you’ll see for yourself. We charge out-of-state clients the same rate as our local clients. See the Comparison Chart on our website.

Specializing in International Service and “hard-to-serve” cases

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