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Why Is International Process Service So Expensive?

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Understanding International Discovery

The greatest challenge in obtaining evidence abroad is knowing whether, or not, to utilize the...
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What Types Of Papers Can Be Served?

Getting served is merely a process wherein legal documents are given to an individual or...
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What Is An Order To Show Cause?

Do you know what an order to show cause is all about? An order to show cause...
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The Process Of Filing A Suit In Small Claims Court

Small claims courts are mainly used to resolve small monetary disputes. They are used for...
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Are There Different Types of Summons?

You may have heard of a criminal summons, civil summons or administrative summons, but what...
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Should You Hire A Process Server?

If you have found yourself in the position of having to file a lawsuit against...
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Is There A Difference Between Levies And Garnishments?

Levies and garnishments are collection tools that are used to seize a source of income...
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Is There A Difference Between A Summons And A Subpoena?

A summons and a subpoena are both examples of legal documents that can be served....
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A Guide To Serving Divorce Papers

After you have made the decision to file for a divorce, the next thing that...