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Why Is International Process Service So Expensive?

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What A Process Server Can And Cannot Do

Process servers are licensed individuals who serve legal documents to defendants and witnesses. However, there...
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Ways In Which Legal Documents Can Be Served

Process service represents the delivery of a court document to another person, or party. As...
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Understanding The Process Of Serving Court Papers To An Individual

What does “service of process” mean exactly? It refers to the copy of the claim...
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The Role Of Expert Witnesses In A Trial

You may have heard of expert witnesses being hired to give their opinions during a court case....
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How To Serve Court Papers To A Corporation

Suing a business might seem like a daunting task. The process server will be able...
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Answering Some FAQs About Process Servers

If you are looking to serve legal documents to a defendant, you may have many...
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All You Need To Know About Process Servers

Legal documents are served to individuals through the process of service. Such documents can range...
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A Guide To Serving Someone You Are Having Trouble Locating

If you want to serve someone you are having trouble locating, fret not! This article...