Process Service by Drone

Who would have ever guessed that process service could be made by drone?  Celebrities and hard-to-serve evaders are effective at avoiding service of process. However, modern technology offers some innovative ways to complete service. We have a patented and proprietary system that allows for process service by drone in limited jurisdictions, upon court order. Our system provides clear documentation that the defendant was personally served.

We are the ONLY process service firm in the world with such a system!

However, it requires a few steps in order to be completed:

  1. Obtain a court order allowing for service by drone.  There must be proof that traditional methods of service are not possible.
  2. The service is conducted by a licensed FAA Drone Pilot and a licensed/registered process server.
  3. When a defendant is in an outdoor environment (back yard hosting a party, or relaxing by the pool), the drone which is equipped with camera, speaker, and cargo compartment hovers above the defendant and the process server announces that service is being made. Whether, or not, the defendant accepts the service, the documents are released, and the process server announces that service was made.
  4. There is ample case law of the validity of personal service when the defendant and process server are within reasonable speaking distance.  Drone service requires a court order in most jurisdictions since there is no case law for such service.

This is only one of the many innovative techniques for service of process that we have developed in 45 years!

How Do I Arrange for Service of Process by Drone?

Contact Process Service Network, LLC by email at or phone at 1-800-417-7623 and get a quote. You can also visit our website at

How Much Does Process Service by Drone Cost?

The cost to serve a defendant by drone is obviously expensive. It requires two to three persons to complete the service. I FAA licensed Drone Pilot is required, along with a registered or licensed process server, and a third person who observes the line-of-flight of the drone.

Although every effort is made to keep costs at a minimum, the process is expensive. However, if you consider that there may not be any alternatives to completing the service, the cost is worth the reward. Please contact us for an exact rate for the specific circumstances that may be involved.