What Is An Order To Show Cause?

Do you know what an order to show cause is all about? An order to show cause is used in the case when you are applying for relief from the court. Read on to find out more!

When Do You File an Order To Show Cause?

The orders to show cause can be made use of to attain protections for children. It can also be used to prevent harm or even further harm from being done to them. The order to show cause is usually filed when someone, such as a guardian or parent, is looking for emergent relief to keep the child safe from potential danger.

For example, you can file for an order to show cause in order to obtain sole custody of a child in emergency cases. You can also file for one to terminate parental rights or to prevent a parent or guardian from trying to bring the child outside the state.

Orders to show cause are commonly filed in divorce cases, restraining order cases, custody cases, and cases of child welfare. If the child is in danger because of the other parent, there is a need for you to act in a quick and swift way by filing an order to show cause to request for custody. You are allowed to request for an emergency hearing in such cases when you file an order to show cause. It means that you are requesting that the judge hear your case at the earliest possible time.

If this request is accepted, the case will be heard by the judge and the judge will decide whether or not to grant you the relief that you have requested. If the judge decides not to accept your order to show cause, you will need to go through the entire hearing process to ask for the relief that you are looking for. Therefore, the order to show cause is a crucial and significant filing in your case. It would be ideal if you find an attorney to help you with this rather complicated process.

Steps to Take Now

If you have any questions about filing an order to show cause, do consult with one of our highly trained attorneys. A skilled attorney will help you through the process, making it quicker and efficient for all parties. No matter if you are going through a divorce, looking for custody or seeking protection for your child, all these are important matters that cannot be taken lightly. When your child’s safety is at risk, you have to properly fill out the order and submit it together with the necessary information for the judge to make the most well-informed decision. And if you are not given the emergent relief, an attorney will be helpful in seeking the protections that you need when it is done through the full hearing process. Do not hesitate to contact us today!